Will the new Renault Zoe Q90 change your mind about electric cars?


Electric car usage has risen massively over the past few years.

But even so, relatively few motorists would consider buying one. In a government survey published in September 2016, only 1% of respondents said they’d consider trading in their fuel-burning car for a plug-in model in the near future.

Most people surveyed were put off by recharging and limited range (45% and 39% of respondents respectively).


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While top-level electric cars like those in the Tesla range boast pretty impressive staying power (the Model S can make 265 miles between charges, if driven sensibly), they come with relatively big price tags.

The new Renault Zoe Q90, to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, might be about to change all that though.

The Zoe has long been the cheapest way for drivers to go electric, with a list price of £15,545 after the £4,500 Plug-in Car and Van Grant (PiCVG). But its relatively low range of around 130 miles between charges has made them an unrealistic prospect for most drivers.

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The new version backs a Tesla-rivalling 250 mile range, and also includes technology to help drivers find their nearest charging station.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s expected that it’ll cost a fair bit more than the bog-standard model.

So, will it change your mind? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook whether you’d entertain the prospect of an electric car.

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